Mr S Taylor - Designated Safeguarding Lead / Deputy Principal Inclusion

Email: s​taylor@bruntsacademy.org




Mrs J Kirkland – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

E-mail: jkirkland@bruntsacademy.org




The Brunts Academy is committed to upholding the highest standards of safeguarding and child protection. We provide holistic support to any child or family in need or requiring early help, working closely with our partners at Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Police, and Nottinghamshire NHS. This ensures that children and families develop a positive, strong, and resilient approach to school, family, and community life.

We pride ourselves on our pastoral care, as such; every Head of Year, Attendance Officer, Key Stage Lead, and other key staff working with vulnerable children act in the capacity of 'Safeguarding Officers'. This core safeguarding team comprises of 16 staff. They all receive higher level safeguarding training.

Every member of staff in the academy is responsible for safeguarding children. It is our number one priority.

Safeguarding is overseen by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, at Brunts Academy, we believe safeguarding is everyone's responsibility.

To contact the Safeguarding Team:

Telephone 01623 623149 or email safeguarding@brunts.evolvetrust.org

Greenwood Academies Trust safeguarding helpline:


Sexual Abuse within Schools: Child on Child Abuse, Sexual Violence and Harassment and Harmful Sexual Behaviour:

Our position as a trust and within all our academies is clear: sexual violence and sexual harassment are never acceptable, will never be tolerated and are not an inevitable part of growing up. Such behaviour will never go unchallenged or become accepted and we remain committed to working openly and transparently to promote mutual respect. We will always act on concerns raised and respond quickly and effectively.

Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy has guidance within it around the indicators of child-on-child abuse and harmful sexual behaviour along with our response procedures. All relevant Safeguarding Policies are available on individual academy websites.

All pupils are taught the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum.

The following links include statutory guidance for schools and colleges on safeguarding children and safer recruitment:

Greenwood Academies Trust Safeguarding Policy can be found here:

Trust Safeguarding Policy 8.0

The Brunts Academy Site Specific Safeguarding Arrangements can be found here:

The Brunts Academy Site Specific Safeguarding Arrangements

Meet the Team:

Mr S Taylor DSL and Inclusion Lead: staylor@bruntsacademy.org

Mrs J Kirkland Deputy DSL: jkirkland@bruntsacademy.org

Mrs D Featherstone Senior Wellbeing Lead: dfeatherstone@bruntsacademy.org

Mrs C Bryant Senior Wellbeing Lead: cbryant@bruntsacademy.org

Mrs K Loach Senior Vice Principal and Alternative Provision: kloach@bruntsacademy.org

Miss Waddingham KS3 Lead: mwaddingham@bruntsacademy.org

Mr Morris KS4 Lead: jmorris@bruntsacademy.org

Ms Hackett Personal Development and Sixth Form Lead: mhackett@bruntsacademy.org

Miss Ensor SENCo: yensor@bruntsacademy.org

Mrs Leaper Attendance Officer: kleaper@bruntsacademy.org

Mrs Mead Head of Year 7: kmead@bruntsacademy.org

Miss Leaning Head of Year 9: hleaning@bruntsacademy.org

Ms Banister Head of Year 10: abanister@bruntsacademy.org

Mr Kirkland Head of Year 11: jkirkland1@bruntsacademy.org


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