Curriculum Intent

We offer our Sixth Form students an academically challenging and ambitious curriculum, relevant to local and regional employment priorities and targeted towards a range of destinations, including higher education and apprenticeships. The school is ambitious for all its sixth-form students, including those with high levels of ability and those who require higher levels of support. Through a comprehensive enrichment programme, we provide our students with the knowledge, skills and self-belief they need to succeed in life. We teach our students to act with integrity and provide them with tireless support to make the right choices for their onward destination. Our students leave us prepared for the challenges ahead and with high levels of resilience.

Getting Started

The courses that we offer within the Sixth Form cater for a wide range of interests and expertise. We do always ensure however that appropriate choices are made in line with individual ability. In general, students will take 3 or 4 A Levels, dependent upon their performance at GCSE.

Entry Requirements

Circumstances vary from student to student but you will need to have achieved a minimum of 5 GCSE passes, at grade 6, including English and Maths, however we would be willing to consider a grade 5 in some subjects, at the discretion of the Academy. It is advised that you speak with relevant subject staff, or a member of the Sixth Form team, before choosing a course.

Choosing your courses 

Students are encouraged to take into account their: 

> Interest in the subject.

> Current performance in the subject. 

> Potential chances of success.

> A positive attitude to study. 

> A high motivation to succeed. 

> Entry requirements of a particular career.

Applications from students from other schools are more than welcomed. 

The Sixth Form Administrator is to be contacted for external applications. Tel: 01623 623149 ext 316, email

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Course Introductions and Information

Our course information videos have been prepared by our Sixth Form Teachers, to give you more information about the courses on offer.

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