Reporting a bullying concern.

The Brunts Academy does not tolerate bullying.

All staff are trained to be vigilant to spot any sign of bullying and to take the appropriate action as quickly and sensitively as possible.Our staff are kind, supportive and understanding and will challenge any bullying behaviour that is reported to them.However, we are aware that there are times where pupils do not feel comfortable reporting bullying for many reasons.To combat this, we have now made the Whisper anonymous reporting tool available for pupils, their friends and their parents to report any concerns they might have in a safe and secure way.


What is SWGFL Whisper™?

Whisper is a tool that anyone can use for reporting concerns. In particular, issues that affect the safety and well-being of pupils and staff. It can be used by pupils, parents or staff to report an issue to the School anonymously.


Please click here to report an issue;

Or you can anonymously report an issue via SMS by texting TBA1 [+ the message] to 078600 21584