Uniform and Basic Equipment

Why do we have a uniform?

  • It helps to create a positive learning environment.
  • It encourages formality and smartness which will be required by future employers.
  • It promotes team spirit and identity. We are a community and students are recognised
    as being from The Brunts Academy.
  • Students are expected to wear their uniform with pride and in such a way that reflects the ethos of high standards and achievement at The Brunts Academy. Smartness, health and safety considerations and common sense form the basis of the expected standards of appearance.




School Dress

  • Brunts green blazer with school badge (legacy badge and blazer are permitted)
  • Loose fitting black trousers that cover the top of the foot and shoe (no jeans, leggings or tight- fitting trousers)
  • White shirt and new school tie
  • Black skirt - S​ cut line in shape and length between 20-22 inches.
  • Plain Brunts green V-neck jumper (optional)
  • Brunts green cardigan, with Brunts logo (optional)
  • Plain black polishable shoes or boots – no trainers, pumps or canvas shoes. Students wearing boots should wear them with their trousers over the top (see detailed uniform information using the link below)
  • Socks/tights should be plain and black.
  • Outdoor coats are strongly recommended, preferably weatherproof, and should be plain, with no large logos. All outdoor coats should be removed on entry to building.
  • Hoodies, denim and leather jackets are not allowed.
  • Extremes of hair style such as unnatural bright colourings and shaved patterns are not permitted.
  • Natural colour nail varnish is permitted but gel nails and false eye lashes are not permitted. Make up should be discreet and not obvious.
  • No jewellery other than plain stud earrings on the lower lobe of each ear and one plain ring. No bracelets or necklaces should be worn.
  • No facial or body piercings are permitted but a clear plastic retainer can be worn.
  • Caps/hats are only allowed in extreme weather conditions.
  • School bag which is suitable to carry PE kit, stationary, Exercise books and A4 size folder.

We expect all students to dress smartly, with ties and shirts worn correctly.

Detailed uniform information

P.E. Kit

T​he new PE kit

  • Black Brunts PE polo shirt (available at The Schoolwear Centre)
  • Black Brunts ¼ zip sweatshirt (available at The Schoolwear Centre)
  • Plain black shorts
  • Plain black jogging bottoms
  • Plain black rain jacket in poor weather (optional)
  • Trainers or football/rugby boots
  • Sports socks (ankle or shin height)
  • Brunts football/rugby socks (knee height) for students playing in school sports teams
  • Brunts green/yellow rugby shirt (optional)

Uniform can be brought from:

Please note that from September 2023, our sole supplier is:

The Schoolwear Centre


Crystal Knitwear
Richmond House Pelham Street Mansfield

Basic Equipment

We expect all students to arrive to school ready to learn so that lesson time is maximised. With this in mind, students should all have the following equipment with them every day:

  • Pen (black) - for writing in books
  • Green pen for responding to teacher feedback
  • Pencil - for diagrams and drawings
  • Sharpener
  • Rubber
  • Ruler - all dates and titles should be underlined with a ruler in books and tables/diagrams with straightlines should also be completed using a ruler
  • Scientific calculator - particularly for maths and science lessons
  • Any books that are required for lessons on that day
  • PE Kit on the days it is required

We expect students have a school bag for the above and a pencil case to keep basic equipment in.