Beyond the classroom

At the Brunts Academy Sixth Form, we are committed to not only challenging students to achieve their potential in their studies, but also to help shape their identity beyond this. We encourage our students to become role models within the school, as well as developing a sense of personal responsibility to the well-being of others both in the local community and beyond.

Our students regularly support and mentor younger pupils during lesson times and after-school clubs, developing their skills and sharing their knowledge. Students participate in volunteering opportunities, including National Citizen Service, and fund raise annually for local and national charities.

Showing even further dedication to their impact on the wider world, four of our Post-16 students visited Cambodia over the summer holidays. They undertook the building and construction of wells and helped underprivileged children with their studies, fundraising extensively to achieve this.

P​ost 16 Enrichment PHSE/RE

Head Boy and Head Girl

The opportunity to be Head Boy or Head Girl is an incredible opportunity to be recognised as the pinnacle of excellence in the Sixth Form. Not only will you be able to converse with potential applicants and parents, giving tours of the school and sharing your experiences, but you will also present at Post 16 open evenings and school assemblies both inside and outside of the academy. You will guide the Prom Committee, be a focal point for Sixth Form students as well as being a vital connection to those students in lower school.

The Sixth Form Committee

Each year a committee is elected from members of Years 12 and 13, to work in conjunction with the Sixth Form tutors. The committee serves a vital purpose in representing opinions, offering suggestions and providing a link between staff and students. It is also responsible for the organisation of social functions as well as events to foster our links with the local community and charities.

A number of the Sixth Form Committee represent the Sixth Form at the School Council.

Sports Leaders

All Sixth Form students have the opportunity to work towards Sports Leaders qualifications. Year 12 can follow the Community Sports Leadership qualification and Year 13 the Higher Sports Leadership qualification.

Students are First Aid trained as part of the qualification.

Activities can include running lunch and after school clubs with both Brunts and Brunts’ feeder primary school students.


Preparing for the World of Work

In your time at Sixth Form, you might want to consider developing your skills by applying for a number of paid roles in the Academy that we offer to Sixth Formers. These include working as a midday supervisor, supporting in Food Technology lessons or supporting our busy School Reception. These opportunities allow you to experience working in the Academy during your studies and earn at the same time! If you are interested, please contact the Sixth Form Office for further details 6thformadmin@brunts.evolvetrust.org