The Arts

Drama Our curriculum aims to explore what it means to be human using the physicalising of thought, time and space in drama. We look at why human beings behave the way they do both psychologically and sociologically through different texts and …more

Brunts Digital

Digital Digital Technology is changing the lives of everyone. Our computing curriculum equips students to participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by digital technology. We deliver a …more


English Our English curriculum is designed to help equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively understand the world around them and to become successful citizens in a multicultural society. Students will study a diverse …more


Geography We live in an increasingly globalised world.The Geography curriculum at KS3 has been designed with the intent to open minds to life beyond the locality, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to be responsible citizens in the 21 …more


Curriculum Intent The MFL department at the Brunts Academy aim to make language learning a rewarding, confidence-building and enjoyable experience. Students will develop a wide range of transferable and lifelong learning skills including: …more


Our curriculum aims to develop numerate young people that can confidently tackle the mathematical problems they will encounter in their daily lives. Students will be encouraged to explore the applications of maths to help them have a better …more


Curriculum Intent “Coach me and I will learn, Challenge me and I will grow, Believe in me and I will win.” - Dr. Robert Halgren Through an inspiring curriculum, extra-curricular programme and school community club links, we want our young people …more


At the Brunts Academy, our curriculum aims to develop intellectual and practical skills which will allow students to enjoy, explore and investigate the world of science. Students will develop a full understanding and appreciation of science …more


Design and Technology Design Technology has the power to change and shape the lives of young people. We aim to inspire creativity, develop curiosity and explore the limitless capabilities of the increasingly technological world. We challenge our …more


PSHE has been designed to engage, inspire, challenge and encourage pupils to examine their own and other peoples attitudes to a number of issues pertinent to life in the 21 st century. We aim for students to be open minded, with the ability to think …more